Social media for bakeries and bakers

In today’s digital age, practically everything is available online, social media is already everywhere in everyday life and it is impossible to imagine life without it. Almost every person and every company has a social media profile. This easy access to everything online makes it essential for traditional bakeries to have a social media presence as well. So social media for bakers and bakeries is becoming more and more attractive and valuable.

Bakeries on social media

Although a large proportion of bakeries are already present on social media, many of them still struggle to find ways to successfully increase brand awareness. However, social networks are a cheap way to advertise and help to appear innovative, future-oriented and competent. The outward appearance can be strongly influenced in this way. This is also a great advantage for recruiting employees, because the company is an attractive employer.
However, anyone who decides to create a company profile must be aware that this must be maintained. Because a company that only posts something sporadically does not appear innovative. So you have to make sure that the effort for social media can be easily integrated into everyday work. Because you are always present on social networks and show what is going on behind the scenes.

Successful social media marketing is like baking – you have to understand the basics, have the right baking tools, know the right ingredients and have the confidence to follow a recipe with a pinch of creativity.

Why should every bakery business be present on social media?

If you’re not active on social media, you’re missing out on a large customer base. Social media is an easy way to get customers. According to studies, 61% of people use social media to find out about restaurants, bakeries and other grocery stores. Word of mouth or recommendations from peers come second. Nowadays, digitization is indispensable, especially in relation to (online) marketing.
Social media marketing has become an integral part of the marketing strategy for bakeries – large and small – in recent years. So how do you market your bakery on social media?

Set up social media for bakeries

The social media profile is the first thing people come across when searching for bakeries on social media. One should therefore ensure that a perfect profile is created with accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date information such as location, business hours and contact details. In addition, depending on the social network, you can also insert information such as the website, offers or promotions, etc. The fewer clicks it takes to find out about a bakery, the better.

Effective social media networks for bakeries

Social media marketing for a bakery is a great way to create brand awareness and online reputation. As a bakery it is imperative to be present on all major social media channels so that you can share images that show the heart and soul of a bakery!

Instagram and Pinterest for the bakery trade

When it comes to social media, Instagram and Pinterest are great platforms to showcase a brand’s full potential. Both are heavily image-centric platforms – making them the most popular among bakeries and cafes – and with a digitally savvy audience, these two tools are fantastic for bakers.

Posting great photos is an unspoken requirement for these platforms, which will help bakery businesses gain more exposure, collaborate with influencers, engage effectively with the online community, and ultimately increase sales and increase customer satisfaction!

Bakeries and cafes on Facebook

Facebook is still a popular social media platform – also for bakeries and their customers. Therefore, every bakery should have a social media profile on Facebook. It’s important to ensure brand identity is reflected on the page, use consistent branding language in posts, and understand the different posting options. You should offer your customers added value by posting useful information, tips, discounts and special offers. Finally, one can also consider paid Facebook advertising, which can be very successful for bakeries, but is not a must in the social media world of baking.

Social media apps on smartphone

A social media strategy for your bakery

And stick to it! Because there’s nothing worse than when a customer looks at your social media pages and realizes that you haven’t posted anything in months! The newsfeed moves very quickly, so you need to be visually active there if you want to stay relevant in the minds of your customers. Just like your bakery produces fresh produce every day, you should make sure you and your staff have a posting schedule to keep reminding your audience of your presence.

Good images are essential for bakeries on social media

Regularly posting photos will remind customers to order the new rolls and they’ll come through the door. But be careful, the quality of the photos and videos reflects the quality of the goods for the online customer! So, one should make sure that the photos are of very good quality and appealing to the customers.

„Social media marketing for bakeries lives and dies on the quality of their photos“

So you shouldn’t make any compromises when it comes to the quality of the image material used. It is important to select high-resolution images that represent the wide variety of bakery operations.

In addition, these images should have the optimal size so that they are displayed in the best possible way on the various social networks. If you need more information about images for social media, please contact us directly and we can provide you with guides on social media and images.

Listen and engage with the bakery audience on social media

Social media is a fantastic place to learn from your customers. Have you ever wondered if your customers will even like your latest cupcake or bread? Or are they looking for a new flavor or frosting?

Your bakery’s social media profile is key. Searching for relevant hashtags or keywords to find new conversations related to your bakery can be very helpful. It’s also important to respond carefully so customers know you’re listening to their suggestions and that you care!

This is a great way to engage people, connect with loyal customers, and build an online community.

Infographic for social media content ideas for bakeries

Social media content ideas for bakers and local bakeries

It is often the case that during your favorite activity – the actual baking – you often do not have enough time to think about what should be posted on the social media channels. Don’t worry, we’ve rounded up some amazing ways to spice up your posts, engage with audiences, and keep your social pages fresh and exciting.


Measure the success of bakeries on social media

Content has been created and published, reviews have been responded to, and audiences have been engaged. Now it’s time to understand what actually worked for the bakery or coffee shop.

All the effort that goes into marketing a bakery business on social media is worth little if there’s no data to back it up. Therefore, it is imperative to measure progress in social media and then adjust the social media backing strategy accordingly to achieve better results.

The social media profile reflects the bakery

It is also important to mention that social media posts always focus on quality. If you focus too much on the quantity of the posts, it can quickly happen that the quality is lost. For customers, however, the quality of the social media profile also reflects that of the bakery.

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