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With the age of digitization, there is increasing concern that traditions will be forgotten, especially among younger generations, and will be suppressed by the digital world. Our employee Nele tells you from her own experience why this does not have to be the case and to what extent digitization even serves as a decisive support for the area of personnel search: Your digital path to a job in a bakery.

My way to the job at the baker

Hi, my name is Nele and I am currently doing my internship at Backdigital in the field of online and social media marketing. Even before my internship, I had contact with the bakery trade. Because of my passion for baking, I decided in 2020 to work for a baker alongside my studies. However, it was not at all easy to find a job that appealed to me – because in addition to the lack of online presence of various companies, the start of the corona pandemic also made the job search significantly more difficult. As a newcomer in Hamburg, I had no idea what opportunities there were for me in the bakery industry at that time. What bakeries are there in my area? And where is which position vacant? Where could I feel good? What qualification do I need? Many questions swirled around in my head until I finally remembered:

There is a bakery nearby, I went there two or three times for breakfast with a friend. There was a sign on the table that said they were still looking for sales staff. I really liked the atmosphere, the products and the way the employees treated each other there. But what was the baker’s name? I looked on the internet to see which bakers were near me and quickly found what I was looking for. The name appeared directly as the first search suggestion. To find out the best way to apply there, I looked at the company’s website. I didn’t have to search for long and I was straight to the careers page with all the vacancies. I was even able to apply directly via the website – and I did so directly. After an interview and a trial day, I got the job. I was thrilled: I found a job that I enjoy so easily and quickly; in a company where I feel comfortable – and as I know today, in a trade where applicants don’t fall from the sky.

Why am I telling you how I got my job in the bakery? Because my way to the job is also your way to the applicant.

In a world of digitization, in which everything is evolving so rapidly, a piece of enduring tradition and quality is something very special. It is a world in which many ask themselves about the meaning and sustainability of their work, they also want to feel valued in their environment and identify with their employer and its values. Not only have the demands of work changed, but also everyday habits. I would like the baking trade to see this as an opportunity and use digital possibilities to increase their chances of addressing job seekers where they can be found with the content that is really relevant to them. Digitization should not stand as a controversy to tradition, but strengthen it in its future viability.

Your chances of addressing applicants

table display

Displays with an appealing look placed on the tables or the sales counter catch the eye of your customers when they sit down. In order to take advantage of the opportunity of a personal visit and the experience and to make the application process easier for potential applicants, it is advisable to display a QR code on the displays. This arouses additional curiosity and the scan takes you directly to your company’s career page or applicant portal.

career page

Your career page not only shows qualified applicants which positions are currently open, but also provides an initial impression of your company and the working environment. A clear, user-friendly page structure with important information and authentic content makes it easier for your target group to feel addressed. Here it is worth risking a change of perspective. Which content do your site visitors want to see and which not?

applicant portal

„You can also send us your application by fax.“ Thank you, but at this point at the latest, the page of the job advertisement was probably closed. In the battle for personnel, the aim is to keep barriers as low as possible and to make the application process easier for applicants. If you have integrated software on your website, the applicant can submit their application in just a few steps. The incoming data is filtered according to the desired qualifications and presented to you accordingly – always up to date. This allows you to keep track of the applications and correspondence with applicants. In addition, they look forward to prompt feedback. Here you can find more information about the Backdigital software BackPersonal.

job advertisements

Gone are the days when job offers were marked in newspapers or job seekers dropped in directly. Digitization has also ensured a fast pace and application processes should therefore be transparent and simple. In order to formulate a meaningful job advertisement, which should then be published on various job portals, tried and tested criteria should be used as a guide. In addition to clarity and conciseness, there is also the promising structure of job advertisements. With an attractively designed advertisement, applicants can see from the sofa what tasks they have to do, what advantages the company offers them and, above all, how they can apply.

social media

For almost 79% of the population, social media is now part of everyday life. Your target group is also on Instagram and Co. every day. This circumstance offers you the unique opportunity to give your company an authentic face through images, videos and texts, with which your customers, your employees and your applicants want to identify themselves. Cleverly employed, you also have the opportunity to achieve a high reach with your job offers and to interact with your target group without obligation. Appropriate links then take them to the application or company website with just one click.

visual content

Images have power because they appeal to emotions! Qualitative, visual content, both online and offline, is perceived much faster than pure text content and draws attention to itself. The aroused interest also increases the willingness to read the attached texts. Use this knowledge and the opportunity of potential employees among your customers by also drawing attention to your job offer in your branches. An apt image that reflects your business and a short slogan on a poster or stand is enough.


With SEO (search engine optimization) and SEA (search engine advertisements) you ensure that your website, career page or job advertisement is displayed as high up as possible in the results when certain entries are made in online search engines (e.g. Google). Because Google uses several influenceable factors for the order of the displayed pages and assigns them different relevance for searchers. Above the search engine optimized pages are the commercially posted posts for the search term. These advertisements are identified by the abbreviation „Ad“.

Our solutions for your personnel search

But how do you use all of these opportunities to really make the impact you want? In addition to the workload, finding the time for information and implementation – especially since the workload increases with a lack of staff – is hardly possible for many. At this point, it can make sense to take the initiative for larger implementations or to work with an experienced partner on a long-term basis.

Our experiences from the family bakery business, but above all from the close exchange with organizations in the industry, have awakened the entrepreneurial urge in us. The background and expertise in the field of e-recruiting has helped us to be able to offer products for your personnel offensive in addition to other digital solutions. We would like to listen to you to learn about your challenges and to find your individual way to the right staff and to arm the tradition for the future.

Tell us your wishes or give us a call. You can also view our individual solutions and our current offers on our website.


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