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Holistic implementation advice for targeted and sustainable digitization solutions for the bakery trade!

Individual digitization advice

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Digitization of bakeries and pastry shops

Would you like to make your company more digital?

Would you like to position yourself successfully for the future? But don’t know where to start?

Unfortunately, there is no one way to set up your business digitally.

But! There is your way to set yourself up digitally. Receive your personal guide with the digitization recipe.

Your digital advice

Digitization recipe

Digitization offers you opportunities as well as new possibilities.

Similar to a recipe, the best ingredients must be selected in the appropriate quantities in order to achieve the best result.
We create your individual and personal digitization recipe so that you can benefit from digitization.

  • Current status analysis

    Your digital line-up

  • Individual evaluation

    The possibilities for your company

  • Recommendations for action

    Concrete measures for your company

  • Elaborated digitization concept

    Turn the right screws

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Personal and individual

How does our digitization recipe work?

Save time and money

As digitization experts, we give you a comprehensive overview of concrete and effective measures.

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Free advice

Get a complete overview

There are many options for you! We help you to keep track of things.

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Free advice

You decide the amount

As with your recipes, in the end you are the decision maker. We provide you with the digital raw materials and recommendations.

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Free advice

You have a contact person

We rely on trust, honesty and down-to-earth action. Get a strong partner by your side.

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Free advice

Scope of our digitization recipe

Analysis of external possibilities

We will provide you with a comprehensive analysis of how you can make your company more digital in terms of its external presentation.

Analysis of internal opportunities

Digitized internal processes can save a lot of time and money. We are concretizing these possibilities.

Multi-page concept paper

Receive your personal guide with the digitization recipe

One contact person

You can always consult us.

Personal consultation

Personal appointments at your location create the basis for good cooperation

Special conditions

If you start your journey with a digitization recipe, we offer you attractive conditions for our solutions and products

Your personal digital advice

Digitization recipe

We understand holistic digitization as a journey and would like to accompany bakeries and confectioneries from their individual location with specific solutions.

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Our digitization recipe has already been used several times. Our customers particularly appreciate the possibilities, the intensive relationship of trust!

Every company that is thinking of positioning itself for the future benefits from our consulting services.

No! We provide you with recommendations for action and point out our products. Perhaps you already have one or the other partner for the implementation? We would be happy to support you in project coordination!

We are of course happy to answer questions about digitization. A free initial consultation on this complex topic is also possible at any time.

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Use grants

Up to 60% funding of your digitization investment.

The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) supports small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with the “Digital Now – Investment Funding for SMEs” program. The program offers financial grants in order to be able to use the added value of digitization.

The best is:
We’ll take care of your application so that you can benefit from the funding effortlessly!

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Exciting news
Be the first to find out about new, profitable solutions and exciting digitization approaches for the trade.
Exciting news
Be the first to find out about new, profitable solutions and exciting digitization approaches for the trade.
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