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A lot has happened at Backdigital in the last year. In addition to many exciting customer projects, a motivating network exchange and the opening of the second office in Hamburg, the team has also grown. Get a glimpse behind the scenes at Backdigital with the help of this short employee interview.


„I stand behind Backdigital , I value the people I deal with and I want the company to provide sustainable added value (…).“


I’m Anna and during the founding phase I was directly infected by the idea and vision of Backdigital. I think that the diversity of the individual team members allowed the young company to develop so carefully, stably and at the same time at a rapid pace. You can find me in marketing.

A picture by Thorsten Sobiech

My name is Thorsten and I’ve been part of Backdigital since it was born. With foresight, I make sure that we always aim for our goal and, in addition to strategic issues and customer projects, I always have an open ear for our employees.

I’m Alicja and I started out as an intern in marketing and social media at Backdigital. During this time I was able to gain unique experiences and learn many new skills. After this time it was clear to me – I want to continue here.

What does a typical working day at Backdigital look like for you?

The early bird catches the worm: In order to start the day productively, the Backdigital workforce meets every morning for the daily. Whether from the office or the home office, the daily video conference offers the opportunity to exchange ideas about current projects and our respective activities. Then the start of the working day begins – Alicja, Anna and Thorsten report on their everyday working life at Backdigital:

“The big strategic questions and the operative, creative tasks – they all somehow find their place in my everyday life and like to make me forget the time … I still enjoy working in the office, because sometime around noon there is at least one growling stomach for the suggestion shared break. A little fresh air and relaxed, personal conversations among the employees motivate me a lot for the second half of the day. „


“Following our daily, I prioritize my upcoming tasks and then start with the most extensive and most important task. We typically work very closely with our customers, so that a lot of communication is required throughout the day. In addition, I always need to see whether everything in the team is running and everyone is satisfied – so even more communication. „


“Apart from the daily daily routine, every working day is actually varied . Of course there are some routine tasks such as B. the weekly posts on social media, but these are also different every week. If I were to describe my typical working day now, I would say: Daily, marketing activities and exchange or cooperation with colleagues. „


How would you describe the teamwork at Backdigital?

Teamwork is not always collaboration. The sense of community that unites the employees when they work together on a project and support one another makes all the difference. Especially in times when more and more people are working from the home office and the workforce is not in one location, creative solutions are required that strengthen the sense of togetherness among employees. What ingredients does Backdigital use for successful collaboration?

Communication is the key. Everyone is different and that’s a good thing. So far, the different perspectives and competencies have only brought us forward. Openness and honesty carry us through busy times as much as humor and forbearance. There is no excuse in coming here and appreciation and praise are freely expressed. „


“I would say that we are a very dynamic and passionate team . Our employees are encouraged to contribute their ideas again and again. Through this direct and great exchange, we have a team that is developing further with our company. „


“Everyone is available at all times and ready to help. If I need support, I can always ask my colleagues and we will work together on the task. Because we see each other every day in the morning video conference and stay in contact throughout the day, the feeling of togetherness is in no way weakened by working in the home office. „


What do you like most about working in a startup?

Flat hierarchies, a variety of tasks and a “hands-on” mentality, these are just a few of the typical keywords associated with working in a startup. How does it look at Backdigital?

“The company learned to run really quickly. I don’t even know if we’re still a typical startup. But of course, having accompanied Backdigital from the beginning is a special and for me new experience. What I like most is that it became a common cause pretty quickly. Suddenly I was interested in the company growing and establishing itself and sometimes the ideas don’t let go of me even on the weekend. I stand behind Backdigital, value the people I deal with and want the company to provide sustainable added value and be seen through marketing. „


“Working in a startup is primarily characterized by continuity in change . What may sound like a contradiction at first, ultimately creates constant further development. Whereby we keep going back to our vision in order to keep the focus and bring our solutions to the industry. „


“What I probably appreciate most about working in a startup is that you are a full team member right from the start. Although I started at Backdigital as an intern, I was able to take on important tasks from day one that really help the joint venture. I think that this is a great advantage over „larger companies“ with an already existing hierarchy. There it often happens that interns have extra tasks. You certainly learn a lot there, but you usually cannot see immediately whether the tasks you have done were really useful for the company. As an intern at Backdigital, I can directly and personally influence how and where the company is developing. I think that working in a startup gives you authentic insights into professional life and allows you to gain unique experiences. „


Which next project are you most looking forward to?

Backdigital is still a startup, but not a small one for a long time. The entire workforce can look forward to many new, exciting tasks and the continued successful cooperation with existing customers this year as well. But is there a certain project that Alicja, Anna and Thorsten are particularly looking forward to?

“I have to say, I really grew fond of the industry. In contrast to some of my colleagues, I didn’t have that many points of contact before and in the last year I was able to get to know a lot through networking that excited me. I’m looking forward to great workshops again this year, in which I can learn about the individual challenges and special features of the companies and meet people. In addition, last year I was allowed to write editorial articles, including for the Back Journal , which I enjoyed. This year I’m looking forward to another written product from my pen in what I think is a special format … And while I’m already saying such mysterious words: I’m looking forward to exciting collaborative work … „


“I’m currently really looking forward to the project:“ Second business year ”. There are many exciting tasks ahead of us as well as a number of great new customer projects with which we can further pursue our vision. Digitization as a motor for the bakery and confectionery trade. „


“There are quite a few things. We are z. B. on the way to some trade fairs next year, where I am currently involved in the planning. The whole planning process is super exciting and of course I’m excited to see how all the ideas will turn out at the fair. But our new YouTube format – Baked Goods & Software – is also a project that I’m really looking forward to. „


Which of the backdigital solutions are you particularly enthusiastic about?

At Backdigital, we see digitization as an opportunity and an opportunity to position the baking industry for the future. The products from Backdigital range from digital applications for e.g. precise sales planning or an efficient personnel search through to solutions for an attractive online presence or your own web shop. Our products can already be found in many companies and ensure that traditional craftsmanship and economic efficiency are preserved.

“I think the holistic approach is great. BackPlan , the sales forecast using artificial intelligence, is a product with a high level of innovation and great added value. With the sensors in the industry and the close, trusting exchange, new digital solutions are constantly emerging that companies pick up where they are. That’s the way it should be – I support you with my expertise and create added value and have traditionally made baked goods with the best ingredients on my table from a bakery that looks to the future in a relaxed manner. „


„That’s a tricky question … I think it’s currently our newest web shop solution. And that for the reason that more and more consumers also want a multimedia sales channel in bakeries and that we can offer the companies a product with a special industry focus. „


“I think that, especially in view of the high rate of returns and the associated waste of food, BackPlan can serve as a true digital helper. With a view to my field of activity, I would name our solutions in the area of online marketing . The world is becoming more and more digital, which makes it all the more important to increase the online visibility of your own company. „



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